Down at the Bottom of the Garden: The Best Botanical Teas
Some of the most flavoursome and nutritious teas come from common garden plants and flowers. You’ve probably heard of herbal teas made with jasmine, chamomile and peppermint, but how about nettle leaves, dandelion, rose buds, lavender, lemongrass, or cornflowers? From stinging weeds to elegant flowers, they all make fabulous tea blends.
Dandelions and Daisy Chains
Flowers smell nice and look pretty, but they’re also packed with health benefits and delicate flavours. No wonder the bees can’t stay away.
The most commonly drunk floral tea is Chamomile, which comes from a flower in the daisy family. The smell and flavour evoke lazy summer afternoons sitting on the grass making daisy chains. Chamomile Tea also boasts tons of health benefits. It relaxes muscles and nerves meaning it is great for mild pain relief (headaches, stomach upsets and period cramps), reduces anxiety levels, and helps with sleep disorders. It’s a powerhouse for wellbeing. Lavender flowers boast some similar properties. They’re often used to make essential oils and added to sleep remedies due to the distinctive relaxing aroma.
Roses are the flower of love, but they can also help you love yourself, health wise. They’re packed full of vitamin C and act as natural cleansers for the body, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion and strengthening your immune system. Jasmine flowers are similarly good for the skin and the body, they’re relaxing, fragrant and renowned as a potent aphrodisiac!
Cornflowers come in intense striking colours, and blue cornflowers also come with plenty of health benefits having been used as a natural remedy for centuries. These cute blue flowers have astringent, antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties along with being packed full of calcium and mineral salts. And how about the humble dandelion? A pesky weed, no doubt, but they’re also pretty darn good for you. The roots and the flowers both have different qualities, but together they’re packed with antioxidants and rich in fibre, calcium, and vitamins. They can be used for skin infections, fighting diabetes, and cleansing the liver.
Peppermint and Stinging Nettle
Peppermint is one of the most widely drunk herbal teas. It’s great for settling stomachs after eating, whilst also freshening breath, making it a popular after dinner drink as a substitute for coffee. It can also be used as part of a weight-loss regime, as it’s believed to be an appetite suppressant. The fresh slightly sweet taste is also great for mixing with other herbal blends.
It turns out there is a bonus to stinging nettles regardless of the annoying itchy blotchy sting. Drunk as a tea, nettle is a natural allergy remedy, relieving the symptoms of hayfever and helping with eczema alongside supporting skin, bone and urinary health. As an anti-inflammatory, it can help with joint pain and even symptoms of arthritis. Nettle Tea tastes a little bit like green teas, grassy and astringent. It tastes best when blended with other botanicals.
Recommended Botanical Blends
Lemongrass and Mint: A botanical blend of hibiscus, curled mint, liquorice and lemongrass. A healthy complex herbal tea, balancing sweet liquorice and peppermint with the gentle tartness of lemongrass.
Fruit and Blossom Rooibos: Luxury Rooibos combined with rosehip shells, red currants, black currants, rose leaves, lavender, raisins, rose petals, and dried blueberries. Floral and mellow, the taste of late summer in a cup.
Together Mint: A gentle infusion of peppermint, spearmint and beautiful blue cornflowers. Perfect for freshening breath, aiding digestion and supporting overall health and wellbeing. A great warming tea, which is also perfect served as an ice tea in the summertime.
Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before using herbal teas for treating specific aspects of your health, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have any existing health conditions.
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