Lemon Tea: Naturally Cleansing
Lemons and lemon-flavoured ingredients have been used in fruit teas, herbal teas, and traditional black teas for centuries. The bright citric flavour of the lemon perfectly offsets the strong bitter or earthy flavours of Black Tea. Taken on its own, or as part of a herbal and fruit tisane, lemon cleanses the palate: and does some pretty good metabolic housekeeping too.
Lemon or Lemongrass?
Not every tea with the word ‘lemon’ in its name has actual lemons in it. Some lemon-flavoured teas are flavoured with Lemongrass or Lemon Verbena. Lemongrass is often used as a herbal additive for true lemon teas, both for its complementary flavour (Lemongrass has a slight iodine tang that works well with Lemon) and its complementary health benefits.
Health Benefits of Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea is a weight-loss standard and a great celebrity favourite: drinking lemon in hot water first thing in the morning is thought to boost your immune system and get your metabolism up and running, causing more efficient fat burning. Lemon Tea is also a great source of the antioxidants you need to combat cell damage, giving you the advantage in the fight against the signs and ailments associated with the aging process.
Lemongrass, a common component of Lemon Tea, is thought to be a sedative: drinking Lemon Tea with lemongrass in it may aid restful sleep.
Lemon Tea tasting notes
Pure Lemon Tea is zesty, refreshing, and dry on the finish. If you find the taste of Lemon by itself to be too sour, it can be wonderfully sweetened with honey or pomegranate, and given a lovely fiery edge with a dash of ginger. Lemon also elevates the flavours in many black teas and green teas.
Recommended blends
Tangawizi Lemon: What’s Swahili for ginger? ‘Tangawizi’. And so, the second ingredient in this warm and refreshing Lemon Tea is—you guessed it—ginger. Making for one big cup of comfort when the sun goes down.
Lemon Gunpowder Green Tea: Sri Lankan Pekoe Gunpowder Green Tea is blended with lemon for a combined hit of smoky and citrus notes. Blow your palate clean!
Zesty Lemon Rooibos Tea: It’s all in the name. Tart lemons are layered with the finest-quality Rooibos to create a tea that’s rich, earthy, and edgy. Try it hot first thing in the morning or ice
d at high noon.
Lemon and Lime Green Tea: Sencha Green Tea, sweet and velvety smooth, is balanced by the sharp notes of lemon and lime in this revitalising blend. You’ll feel fit as a fiddle after just one cup.
Lemon and Ginger Tea: The classic combination is given a new depth thanks to a touch of liquorice. The discerning palate should be able to hunt out the hint of aniseed amidst the bright flavours of lemongrass and lemon, and the fiery woodiness of ginger peel.  

Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before using herbal teas for treating specific conditions, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have any existing health conditions.
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