Make it a Decaf: The Best Caffeine-free Teas
Love tea, hate caffeine? We hear you. It gives you temporary energy then makes you crash, it keeps you awake at night, and it makes you feel overly reliant on it for that morning wake-up. Quick release caffeine is just false energy, and the sooner we give it up, the sooner we realise it makes us fatigued and anxious. There are many great alternatives to be found in the world of tea, so you’re bound to find a comforting cuppa without the side effects.
Rooibos, Chamomile & Peppermint
Rooibos, meaning Red Bush, has a rich full-bodied flavour, and is naturally decaffeinated. The health benefits of this tea are extraordinary, it’s full of minerals and antioxidants which boost your metabolism giving you natural energy, it is also believed to have anti-aging properties and help with tension headaches, insomnia, weight loss, and eczema. Strictly speaking, only teas which come from the tea bush, Camellia sinensis, are real ‘teas’. But they all contain caffeine (even green tea). Rooibos is the closest thing without the bad stuff. It comes from a tea-like bush which grows in South Africa and has a similar taste and properties to real tea leaves. It is traditionally fermented which turns the leaves red, giving it its name and vibrant flavour.
Chamomile is a flower from the daisy family which grows in several different regions around the world. Its delicate floral aroma and taste naturally calm the mind and body. Drinking Chamomile Tea releases glycine which helps relax the nerves and muscles. This means it’s effective as a sleep aid alongside tackling anxiety and restlessness as a daytime drink. Chamomile is also believed to be useful for calming upset stomachs, relieving menstrual tension, treating skin disorders, and encouraging healthier looking skin and hair.
Peppermint Tea is made from peppermint leaves, as such it’s caffeine-free (provided it’s not blended with green tea). Peppermint Tea is great for aiding digestion, settling upset stomachs, freshening breath, boosting the immune system and tackling inflammation. Peppermint Tea is often recommended for weight loss regimes as it can act as an appetite suppressant and its sweet minty taste helps with sugar cravings.
Other Herbs, Flowers & Fruits
Blended teas are where caffeine-free options really come into their own. You can multiply the benefits and flavours of one thing with another. If you need extra focus during your working day, teas which contain nettle leaf, ginseng, turmeric, sage, bilberry, and rosemary are all good additions. Many tasty berries, such as blueberry, strawberry and blackberry help boost your metabolism to help with energy and weight loss. While teas which contain flowers such as rosebuds, lavender and jasmine can help with healthier skin, relaxation, and libido.
Recommended Decaf Blends
Harmony Herbal Tea: Rebalance your body with this revitalising blend of herbs and spices. Nettle, raspberry, anise, rosehip, cardamom, cloves, and liquorice all make their way into this harmonious cuppa.
Fruit & Blossom Rooibos Tea: Made with a medley of fruits and herbs, this is a mellow floral tea. It is laced with fresh lavender which is known for calming and sleep-giving properties, to ensure you can wind down after a long day.
Coffee and Amaretto Rooibos Tea: The taste of Kenyan coffee and sweetness of amaretto without any caffeine? Okay then. Rooibos blended with dried mango, red thistle, sour cherry, and yoghurt crisps to create a creamy and sweet taste with a coffee vibe.
Chamomile & Peppermint Tea: Egyptian chamomile flowers are blended with dried peppermint for a soothing, refreshing caffeine-free tea. Plus all the health benefits of these two super drinks!
Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before using herbal teas for treating specific aspects of your health, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have any existing health conditions.
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