Flower Power Teas - The Secret Skin Benefits of Rose Buds and Jasmine Flower
Want skin that’s as soft and beautiful as these exotic flowers? Go straight to the source. For cheeks that blush with rosy health, or the kind of gently glowing complexion that makes poets reach for their composition books (or iPads), you have no further to look than the end of your garden. At the top of our floral remedy list, you’ll find the noble rose and the sensuous jasmine flower. Both great for making tasty tea infusions.
What are they?
There are hundreds of species of rose: the ones we’re looking for have tight, velvety buds that confer some serious health benefits. You’ll find teas and tisanes containing rose petals of all grades. For the biggest benefits and the best taste (aromatic and lightly floral), you’ll want to find roses grown in a sunny climate—clean and free from any pollutants or pesticides of course.
Jasmine’s long history covers all the best bits of a good story: magic, mystery, and sex. Apparently, Cleopatra used jasmine as an aphrodisiac when she wanted to get Mark Antony in the mood. And in Indian folklore, the jasmine flower is thought to tap the user into the magical forces of the spiritual realm. It’s been called the Mistress of the Night and the King of Flowers. In a tisane, Jasmine releases a heady sweet aroma: it’s this same sweetness that balances out the bitterness of Green Tea in a Jasmine Green Tea.
Rosebuds and Jasmine in Herbal Teas
Rosebud Tea supports a glowing, healthy complexion thanks to its massive vitamin C content: in their raw form rose buds contain a tonne of the stuff, and may even outdo go-to fruits and veggies like oranges and melons. Rose buds are also a natural cleanser, booting out toxins from the kidneys and bladder. Give your insides a spring clean with a cup a day and you’ll be flowering again in no time.
The skin-friendly compounds present in Jasmine have been used in cosmetic skincare products for years: adding the power of Jasmine to a herbal tea, particularly a Green Tea, boosts its moisturising and antibacterial properties to create a skincare super-drink. Combined with the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects of the Green Tea, Jasmine’s caring touch promotes less dry, more elastic skin that’s protected against bacterial damage.
And you don’t just have to drink Jasmine Tea to get glowing skin. A teaspoon (or a bag) of Jasmine Green Tea steeped in around eight ounces of hot water and cooled completely works as a great facial wash. Splash it on and enjoy the kind of skin tone you’d expect to find on a red carpet.
Recommended Blends
Jasmine Pearls: An award-winning blend in which pearls of Green Tea are hand-scented with jasmine blossoms—delightful!
Jasmine Chun Hao: During the drying process, Green Tea is layered with fresh jasmine blossoms until a beautifully scented leaf is created.
Wild Rosebud
While wild rosebuds are often used as an ingredient in blended teas and tisanes, their light and delicate flavour produces a standalone infusion that is delightfully soothing.
Tuscany Rosebud: Tuscany is one of the finest rose-growing regions in the world, producing flowers with a light and delicate flavour. Add Tuscan buds or petals to your favourite herbal tea and create your own masterpiece.  

Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before using herbal teas for treating specific aspects of your health, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have any existing health conditions.
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