Spice Up Your (Sex) Life: The Herbs and Spices That Supercharge Your Libido
Want the kind of sex they have on TV? You need to look in your tea cupboard. Herbal teas containing ginger, turmeric, cardamom, jasmine, and galangal are all great for the libido. And the sexy potential of tisanes and teas doesn’t stop there. Warm your cockles with a ginseng blend, a Vanilla Tea, or a Lavender Tea, and your cup won’t be the only thing getting hot.
What do they do?
Ginger, turmeric, ginseng, and galangal betray their sexy nature even before you’ve put them in your tea. The phallic shapes of their rhizomes (root stalks, the bits you eat or steep in tisanes) are a clear signal that these powerful spices have a direct effect on the business end of the male reproductive system. They’re thought to be just as titillating for the ladies, too, dilating the blood vessels and increasing the heart rate—both key requirements for arousal.
Cardamom is a big hitter in traditional Ayurveda, where the little seeds are prescribed for propping up an ailing libido. Like their fellow root spices, cardamom seeds contain compounds that go straight for the circulatory system, revving up the blood flow and stimulating the genitals.
Jasmine has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years: Cleopatra used to soak in a bath of the stuff, knowing the scent would drive Mark Antony crazy.
Vanilla’s warm and sensuous flavour is no coincidence. This little wonder-spice has been prescribed as a male sexual energy booster since the 18th century. Think of it as an exotic version of Viagra.
If you thought lavender was all about putting you to sleep, think again. In Indian aromatherapy, lavender is thought to excite the female sex organs, increasing sensitivity and setting the ladies up for earth-shaking orgasms. Drop it in your bath or blend it in a tea and get ready to wake the neighbours.

Recommended blends
Lemon and Ginger Tea: The classic. Warming in winter and energising in summer, this zingy tisane will get you feeling frisky all year round. It’s great as an iced tea, too.
Kuchipudi Masala Chai: A regal blend of Kenyan and Assam black teas, cardamom, ginger, coriander, cinnamon, and cloves. Steep for five minutes, luxuriate in the rich spicy aromas and get ready for lurve.
More Zest Herbal Tea: This tailor-made tisane piles zingy spearmint, lemongrass, nettle, ginseng, and gingko on top of Green Mate. The result is an all-over tonic that’ll have you hot-footing it to the bedroom before you can say “Barry White”.
Totonac Vanilla Rooibos: Named for the Totonac people (Mexico), whose culture was the first to farm vanilla, this vanilla and Rooibos blend is the perfect kick-starter for a little afternoon delight.
Jasmine Chai: A robust Chai with Assam at its heart. Ginger, cardamom, and lavender support the delicate flavour of jasmine petals, making this tea a sure-fire arouser. Don’t drink it on your own!
Please consult your doctor or nutritionist before using herbal teas for treating specific conditions, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication, or have any existing health conditions.
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